DAVID ABDULLAH: "Moonilal is making mischief..."

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 02:45

Political Leader of the MSJ—David Abdullah—is refuting claims by Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal, of conspiracy and corruption in the OWTU’s bid for the Petrotrin Refinery.

The MSJ leader says he will be consulting his attorneys and exploring all his legal options in the matter.

During his contribution to the 2020 Budget Debate yesterday, the Opposition MP alleged that it was a former PNM candidate—Vidya Deokiesingh—who facilitated the meeting between the OWTU and John van Dyke of Sunstone Equity, the company which reportedly assisted the OWTU in becoming the preferred bidder for the Point-a-Pierre refinery.

Back In October 2018, the OWTU had revealed that Sunstone Equity assisted the union in producing a lease-to-own plan for the Refinery.

David Abdulah is accusing the Opposition of trying to muddy the waters and create mischief and confusion where there is none, and is challenging Dr Moonilal to make the same statements outside of the cover of Parliamentary privilege.

He asserts that due process was followed during every step of the transaction, and says there is nothing to fear if a probe is carried out.

The MSJ leader also is rubbishing claims that the sale of the refinery to Patriotic Energies & Technologies Company Limited, is nothing but an election gift to the labour movement from the ruling PNM.


Story by NEWS DESK