Death-threat accused sent to St Ann's for evaluation

A 35-year-old man from Princes Town, accused of issuing death threats to Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and his wife, has been sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

Mahindra Ramnath, a medical school dropout from Palmyra Village, Princes Town, was remanded to the St Ann's Psychiatric Hospital when he appeared before Magistrate Sanara Toon-McQuilkin in the Port-of-Spain Magistrate's Court, this morning.

Ramnath was not called upon to plead to misusing a telephone to send the threat to the Griffiths, as Toon-McQuilkin opted to wait until she receives his mental health assessment. 

According to police reports, around 1.30 am on Wednesday morning, the TTPS command centre received call threatening Griffith and his wife Nicole. 

The male caller, whose num­ber was reg­is­tered, re­port­ed­ly said: “I want to sum­mon Gary Grif­fith for defama­tion of char­ac­ter against me to­mor­row in court, or else I will call him and chop off he (ex­ple­tive) moth­er (ex­ple­tive) head. How you like that? And kill he wife Nicole Dy­er... huh moth­er (ex­ple­tive).”

The call was traced and Ramnath was arrested at his home around 4 pm yesterday evening. He was charged by acting Insp Rajesh Gokool of the Port-of-Spain CID/ 

If eventually convicted of the charge, Ramnath would face a $200 fine or up to a month in prison. 

Ramnath, who was represented by attorney Subhas Panday, will reappear in court on December 4. 

Ramnath was the second person to be charged over making death threats to Griffith, this week.

Hours after Ramnath allegedly placed the call, a 12-year-old schoolboy from east Port-of-Spain pleaded guilty to making a similar threat to Griffith on Sunday morning. 

In that case, E999 operator re­ceived a call from a bmo­bile num­ber where a male caller said: “We are com­ing to kill Gary Grif­fith.”

The call was then trans­ferred to the E999’s po­lice cor­po­ral on du­ty, where the caller re­peat­ed his threat to kill Grif­fith.

The caller then ex­tend­ed his death to the po­lice cor­po­ral who took the call.

The cor­po­ral im­me­di­ate­ly in­formed the rel­e­vant se­nior of­fi­cers.

The boy, who can not be named as he is a minor, pleaded guilty to the crime when he appeared before Master Nazeera Ali in the Children's Court. 

He was released into his parents custody and is expected to reappear in court for sentencing on January 16. 

- by Derek Achong


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