Debe Hindu School reopens after flooding

After extensive floods on Thursday, the Debe Hindu school has reopened.

Cleaners came to the school from 4 am on Friday to sweep out the slush which flowed into the classrooms from a river which runs parallel to the school.

Only half of the 390 pupils turned up for classes.

A team from the Ministry of Works also visited the school yesterday to see what can be done to keep out the river flow from invading the school.

Public Relations Officer at the school Vandana Sankaar said recent infrastructural projects around the school had clogged the passage of the river causing the water to back up near the SS Erin Road.

"The construction of the NAMDEVCO carpark has exacerbated flooding in this area. It rediverted all the water from the natural watercourse to come into this area.

A bridge and private road were built along the [email protected] Ring Road near the water park and a warehouse is under construction.

The culvert there is too small to accommodate the water flow and this is causing real flooding in Debe," Sankaar said.

While cleaning continued at the school the water level in the river continued to rise.

Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation Dr Allen Sammy said several areas including Lalbeharry Trace, Wellington Road and Rochard Douglas Road experienced flash flooding.

The Guardian Media team will bring you more flood updates later on.

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