Decapitated video, another online hoax

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 12:30

A video now circulating online showing a man decapitated in an accident, did not occur in Caroni today as it being claimed.

The video shows a man in a plaid shirt lying on the ground, with his head severed from his body.

It has been sharing across social media platforms with a claim that it was from an accident in Caroni today in which a car overturned and at least one person was injured.

At least one online media outlet also reported that someone had been decapitated in the Caroni accident, but later took the post down after it viewed hundreds of times.

Police are Arrive Alive officials have confirmed that no one died in that accident and up until this report (4.30 pm) there were no road accident fatalities on this day.

Some who received the video also confirmed that it was circulating well before the Caroni accident took place.

Although we have not been able to confirm the origin of the video, all indications seem to suggest that it did not occur in this country.

Only recently, another photograph began circulating with claims that a police officer had shot dead his girlfriend outside a business place in St James.

That too proved to be a hoax, with the shooting actually having taken place in Jamaica.