Dennie agrees to take lie detector test

After former Strategic Services Agency (SSA) head Matthew Andrews labelled former Intelligence Director Carlton Dennie a pathological liar, Dennie has agreed to subject himself to a lie detector test as he maintains he was asked to fire persons of East Indian descent from the service.

In a telephone interview with Guardian Media, Dennie said he had nothing to hide.

“I have passed many lie detector tests in the past and I have no problem taking one now,” he said.

Dennie had initially alleged that the directive to cleanse the SSA was given by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley but he later changed his tune and indicated that it was the agency’s former head who had made the order.

The claim by Dennie forced Andrews to host a press conference where he said he was prepared to challenge the allegations in court.  

Dennie also took Andrews to task for accusing him of removing sensitive equipment from the server room at the Piarco International Airport in 2012 which subsequently disrupted services for days.

“You see this thing about the server Matthew Andrews talking about, those servers were removed in 2012 and he joined the service in 2013. He knows nothing about that,” Dennie said.

He also denied that any equipment was stolen.

“Instructions to remove servers came from the agency’s director at the time. I subsequently passed the order to the then director of ICT.”

Dennie said he had become fed-up of the back and forth between him and members of the government but maintained his innocence. 

Jesse Ramdeo