Dillian Johnson featured in UK documentary

"You had the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal that rocked the world so this one isn't that much but I'm actually living it".

This was the statement made by Dillian Johnson in an 18-minute documentary following his claim for seeking asylum in the United Kingdom.

The documentary on YouTube is titled "Who Should get To Stay in the UK".

Johnson had previously claimed a romantic relationship with Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

It is a claim he continues to make in the documentary.

Johnson was eventually denied asylum but was granted Human Protection from the UK Home Office.

Johnson fled to the UK on December 29,2017, days after he had been shot at his.

Johnson made a claim for asylum when he arrived in the UK.

The documentary follows the process Johnson underwent during his asylum claim, including his interactions with legal aid attorneys Mike Mc Garvey and Peter Tatchell.

Mc Garvey is seen pointing out several discrepancies in Johnson's claims about the statements he gave about the shooting.

"Making stuff up all these smoke and mirrors are not helping you," Mc Garvey told Johnson.

At one point during their interaction, Johnson showed Mc Garvey the gunshot wound to his left hand.

After six months of working on the case, Mc Garvey parted company with Johnson because he said he was beginning to think Johnson was not telling the truth.

Johnson said he and Mc Garvey parted company because of a "conflict of interest".

He instead opting to work with Tatchell.

Reporter: Joel Julien 

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