Doctors need help identifying man found unconscious on Beetham Highway today

The North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying an unknown patient who underwent emergency surgery at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

The unidentified man was found unconscious in the vicinity of the Beetham Highway at approximately 1:30 am this morning, Sunday 3rd February, 2019 and brought into the hospital by GMRTT.

He is:

* Of East Indian descent

* Approximately 30 years old

* Slim built

* Approximately 75kg – 80kg (165 - 176lbs)

* 6ft tall

* Medium brown in complexion

He has:

* Dark brown eyes

* Short brown hair

* A short neat beard

* Several tattoos over his body

The man was wearing a black trousers and a black Casio watch when found.

The NWRHA would like anyone with information on the above mentioned to contact the Port of Spain General Hospital at 625-2951-5 Ext 2600.

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