Donna Cox Sworn In As Communications Minister

Newly sworn-in Communications Minister, Donna Cox says her vision for the Ministry is to bring more transparency to the public as to the goings-on at Government Ministries. 

'People complain we spending so much money here and there but they don't have the information,' Minister Cox told members of the Media. 

Minister Cox said the Prime Minister called her two months ago with the instruction to get ready to come back to Trinidad and Tobago. Ms Cox was at the time at this country's consulate in New York where she headed public affairs and culture. 

She said she was not told what job she was to be given. 

Guardian Media asked if this was to allow Minister Stuart Young to focus more on his National Security Ministry especially in light of this upsurge in homicides. But the Minister said we'd have to ask the Prime Minister if that is true. 

She did, however, admit that the National Security Ministry is an enormous one and focus must be placed on the task that comes with it. 

She said Minister Young did give the Ministry of Communications some attention but her speciality is in public relations and communications. 

Guardian Media asked if Minister Cox was informed of any long term plans re her involvement in the upcoming General Elections, again we were directed to the Prime Minister. 

Former Senator Foster Cummings was on hand to congratulate Minister Cox on her appointment to the Upper House.

She will be taking his seat there. Mr Cummings said he was not removed due to non-performance but rather so he could focus on the PNM's election plans. Mr Cummings is the party's, General Secretary. He did not reveal if he would be contesting any of the elections.


Reporter: Akash Samaroo

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