Don't use hazard lights during heavy rainfall - police

Drivers are being advised not to use their hazard lights during heavy rainfall, unless it's for emergency purposes, including accidents and breakdowns.

This advise comes from Sgt Steve McKenzie who was a guest on CNC3's The Morning Brew to discuss road safety during the rainy/wet season.

McKenzie said that drivers tend to put on their hazard lights when in fact low beam lights should be the correct thing to do.

"Once you are in heavy rainfall, in particular, visibility is at its all-time low. You want to be seen by other drivers. You want to see other drivers as well and one of the things that you can do as a driver in heavy rainfall is to turn your lights on low beam, not high beam. Turning on your hazard lights is not against the law but it is not the appropriate thing to do. It is for emergency purposes only, " McKenzie said.

The following are checkpoints for drivers as the start of the rainy season:

- Check your braking system in your vehicle.
- Check your steering system in your vehicle.
- Check your windshield wipers.
- Check the glasses on your vehicle, both inside and outside. 
- Ensure that your windshield wipers, the washers and the device that you use to wash your windshield while your vehicle is in motion, have sufficient fluids.
- Ensure defoggers such as your air conditioning are functioning. 
- Ensure that your vehicle's lights including the headlights, indicators and brake lights are working.
- Ensure that your tyres are in the best condition.
- Do not drive through flooded roads because you would be driving blinded. Do not chance it. Driving through flooded roads can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle and it's mechanisms.
- Have a conversation with your insurance agent in terms of flooding coverage for your vehicle.

 - by Rhondor Dowlat

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