Doubles and Pholourie better than Caribbean beaches

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 - 20:00

Trinidad and Tobago has appeared twice on a list rating foods in the region that are better than the beaches.

In an article posted on Huffingtonpost called "11 Caribbean foods which are better than the beaches",

Doubles and Pholourie were listed as numbers six and nine respectively.

The article noted that "doubles, a curried chickpea, fry bread sandwich is the breakfast of champions. (Or lunch of champions. Or dinner. Or late-night snack.)

It's enjoyed all times of the day in Trinidad and Tobago".

The article claims that Pholourie is why chickpea flour exists.

Pholourie is, in fact, a dough made from chickpea flour that is fried and served with chutney.

Jamaica was listed at number 1 with "Jamaica Jerk everything" while rum cake made it at number eleven.