Dr Fuad Khan: "Emancipate yourself from modern slavery"

MP for Barataria/San Juan Dr Fuad Khan says citizens of T&T  have allowed slavery to creep back into society.
In a press release, Dr. Khan said there are hundreds of women and children being held against their will and being forced into a slavery of a sexual nature to finance criminal organisations. He said these sex-slaves are stripped of their rights and their freedoms as they succumb to the dominance of their male captors who sell their bodies similar to women in the British Colonies. He goes on to say these women are overlooked or scorned by society because of their stature. He says slavery didn't begin on the colonial sugar and cotton plantations, but rather it started the moment Africans were captured and sold by their own people. Dr. Khan says citizens are seeing a trend where this is occurring again as criminal leaders are enslaving women for the sex trade and men as disposable soldiers in their gang wars. He says our population is more enslaved today than it ever has been.

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