Education Ministry: Contact us if you can't get your child into a primary school

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 13:00

The Education Ministry is advising that there is a place for all students seeking to enter primary school in September and says that any parent who has been unable to get his/her child enrolled in a school, should contact the Education District Office.

The latest advice came via a statement by the ministry today.

"The Minister of Education is assuring parents of primary school aged children, carded to enter primary school this September, that all students will have a place.

Responding to reports to the Ministry that parents were having difficulty getting their children into schools, the Minister advised that the policy of this government is to ensure that all children have access to education.

Parents who have not been able to secure a space for their child at a primary school are directed to contact the Education District Office in their area for assistance with placement. The Minister has committed to ensure that the School Supervision Divison treats all cases with the utmost urgency.

Parents are asked to ensure that their children meet the entry requirement for primary school before visiting the Education District Offices for assistance. The criteria for entry to primary school is as follows:

· Children must reside within three (3) km of the school

· Children must have attained the age of 5 years

· Alternatively, children may be admitted on the first day of the term in which they attain their 5th birthday

Additionally, Principals of schools are reminded that the Ministry’s policy indicates that:

All schools shall admit students residing within the catchment area once space is available. No student should be refused entry to a school where space is available and which lies within a 3km radius of their home.

The Ministry reiterates that schools are not expected to exceed built-capacity as this can compromise the delivery of quality education. In instances where requests for admission significantly exceeds the built-capacity of schools, principals are to immediately advise the Ministry of Education via the

Education District Offices so that solutions can be investigated.

The School Supervision Division through the District Offices has responsibility for oversight of enrolment and attendance at all schools. Parents experiencing challenges with student registration are encouraged to seek assistance from a School Supervisor at the Education District Office in their area."