Education Ministry: Curb the mischief and go to school tomorrow

School is on tomorrow.

The Education Ministry is calling on citizens to "curb the level of mischief" and go to school.

Here's the statement by the Ministry:

"The Ministry of Education wishes to advise that all schools are to be opened on Tuesday 24th October, 2017.

The Ministry has been made aware of a news report being circulated on Social Media indicating that schools will be closed tomorrow.

This news report was carried earlier on in the year while the island was under the threat of hurricane Bret. The Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia has urged members of the public to curb the level of mischief that has been undertaken in recent weeks that has been cause for public concern.

The public is also advised that any information regarding the closure of schools will be transmitted through official Ministry of Education outlets such as the website and the Ministry's various Social Media platforms."

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