Education Ministry: No long lines by parents wanting to get students into primary schools

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 07:15

The Education Ministry is to monitor, through school supervisors, a practise by primary school principals to screen students who apply for enrollment into their schools.

Acting Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat spoke on the issue as he answered a question in the Senate on behalf of the Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia.

The Minister says in some cases limited numbers of application forms are handed out, requiring parents to line-up from 4am and students are sometimes required to sit examinations before they can enter the schools.

The Minister says this amounts to an act of misconduct and can lead to appropriate disciplinary action by the Teaching Service Commission.

He says the Ministry will work closely with the principals to address the challenges while at the same time ensuring that no child is denied access to education.

Video clip below.