Education Ministry promises to start repairs on San Juan Boys & Girls' schools next week

The Ministry of Education has issued a statement seeking to assure parents of students attending the San Juan Boys’ & Girls’ Primary Schools that their concerns are being addressed and repairs will start early next week.

The ministry says approval has been granted for the release of funds for major repairs to the shed at 60 Second Street, San Juan where students and teachers await transport to their temporary location at Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna.

It says the Education Facilities Company Limited (EFCL) will also engage a contractor to undertake a complete overhaul of the toilet facilities at the venue.

Three new toilets will also be installed to provide better facilities for the students and teachers who use this facility daily.

The repairs which are being treated as an emergency are expected to be completed within one week.

Meanwhile, the ministry says the completion of San Juan Boys’ & Girls’ Primary Schools remains a priority and is on the list of ten (10) priority projects to be addressed when the Ministry recommences its reconstruction programme. 

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia is expected to visit the schools next week, where he will tour the facilities and engage teachers and stakeholders.    

A group of approximately one dozen parents has been protesting in front of the school this week asking for repairs to the shed and toilet facilities at 60 Second Street, San Juan.

They have also called for the resumption of works to complete the new school at San Juan among other issues.

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