Education Ministry refutes claim of "criminals being bred in classrooms"

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 08:15

The Ministry of Education is seeking to clarify claims made in a newspaper that criminals are being bred in the classroom.

According to a statement issued, the claims made by a behaviour change consultant that there is a school counsellor who comes into the school every two weeks to conduct a 40-minute session with a child and then sends the child back to the classroom is incorrect.

It adds, the Ministry of Education has guidance officers and counsellors at every secondary school throughout the seven education districts.

The Ministry of Education will also be seeking to increase the number of student support services in the various disciplines, including the development and assessment intervention unit who play an integral role in supporting the success of the programmes and initiatives by the Student Support Services Division.

It further states the Ministry of Education continues to utilise the services of clinical and behavioural psychologists, employed by the Ministry of Education, both internally and externally.