Efforts to help save three-year-old child with tumour in her brain

Monday, May 16, 2016 - 20:00

Efforts are being made to help save a three-year-old child who has been diagnosed with a tumour in her brain.

The following statement has been issued by the Invaders Steel Orchestra:

"Caribbean Airlines Invaders Steel Orchestra will be hosting a fundraiser for three (3) year old Caitlyn Inniss who is the daughter of Pierre and Anishka (a.k.a Nikki) Inniss and niece of Desiree Myers, the band’s Music Coordinator.

Caitlyn has been diagnosed with a tumour in the pineal region of the brain and obstructive hydrocephalus (blockage of a ventricle causing excess fluid in the brain). 

Last year, she underwent surgery which involved an insertion of a shunt to assist the flow of the brain fluid. After the shunt was inserted, Caitlyn’s health continued to deteriorate.

Five months post op Caitlyn’s parents took her to the Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington D.C. in search for answers. 

There she underwent a battery of tests, the results of which showed that her tumour was growing and she required immediate Chemotherapy.

At present, Caitlyn is undergoing treatment at the Children’s National Medical Centre, sadly, her journey towards ensuring a full recovery is far from over as her parents struggle to cover Caitlyn’s medical expenses.

On Sunday 22nd May, 2016 CAL Invaders will be hosting a fundraising concert for Caitlyn entitled “A Mother’s Love”. 

This event takes place at the band’s pan yard from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. Tickets are $150.00 and all proceeds will go to Caitlyn Inniss FCB A/C# 2278175.

The entertainers are Ronnie McIntosh, Learie Joseph and friends, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Dane Gulston, Black Sage, Karen Eccles and Chantelle Esdelle and Moyenne. The cast also includes performances by Caitlyn’s kindergarten’s school friend Jianna and her father Wayne Harris, her music teacher and violinist Darion Dennis and the Cain Twins. Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra will be performing a special tribute to Caitlyn. Tying the programme together are MCs George Gonzales and Tommy Joseph.

“We are hoping to achieve our fundraising target of Twenty Thousand Dollars as well as stimulate a public awareness of Caitlyn’s plight locally and internationally.” stated Michael Dinchong, Managing Director of the band. “We have already received a tremendous out pouring of support especially from the entertainers, all of whom have offered to perform on complimentary basis. We are deeply grateful for their grand gesture of generosity.”

Tickets for “A Mother’s Love” concert can be purchased from Simon’s Musical Supplies, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain, Fast Learners Academy, 29 Springlands Avenue, Valsayn South, CAL Invaders panyard, Tragarete Road, Woodbrook or call 772-9156, 345-3442 or 798-7573. Donations can also be made directly to the Caitlyn Inniss FCB Account # 2278175 or via GoFundMe.com

Myers and her family offer up prayers for all mothers and fathers with sick children and they thank all who have continued to show genuine love, support and concern for Caitlyn.

Special thanks goes out to the Corporate sponsors of the event Brandon’s Events Tent Rental Co. Ltd, Angostura Ltd, Rib House, Media 21, COTT, Caribbean Airlines, Blue Waters, and Carib Brewery."

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