Eight detained in Maloney police raid

Friday, November 18, 2016 - 13:30

Police have detained eight men following a raid in Maloney this morning.

The men have been held in relation to several crimes, including recent murders.

The following is a statement from the Police Service.

"A joint police-army operation involving 200 officers was today carried out in the Maloney, D’Abadie area for persons wanted in connection with recent murders; and woundings and shootings, in the D’Abadie and Arima districts. It began at 4:00am and ended at 10:00am, Friday 18th November, 2016.

The exercise yielded the arrests of eight persons – four on outstanding warrants in relation to gun related offences while four suspects were held for questioning in connection with unsolved murders and other violent crimes.

The operation was spearheaded by Snr. Supt. (Ag.), McDonald Jacob and co-ordinated by Snr Supt. (Ag.) Garth Nelson of the Northern Division. 

Officers from various task force and units were involved in the operation including Canine Unit, Guard and Emergency Branch and the Inter-Agency Task Force.

There was a heavy complement of soldiers from the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force."

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