EMA alerts authorities about possible sale of dead fish

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 20:00

The Environmental Management Authority says it has alerted the relevant authorities of media reports suggesting that dead fish found in the Gulf of Paria, may be sold by individuals.

The EMA has issued a statement saying it is investigating the death of thousands of fish which washed up at Mosquito Creek and other parts of the south-western coastline.

"Following the washing ashore of dead fish in coastal areas along the Gulf of Paria (namely Mosquito Creek/Otaheite), the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) in conjunction with the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) continues the investigation to determine the probable cause of the fish kills which comprised mainly juvenile herring and some other species such as mullet and catfish.

Additionally, the investigation is being supported by the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory of the Animal Production and Health Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries.

The EMA also notes with concern, media reports of fish from the incident being collected and attempted to be sold by individuals.

The EMA out of an abundance of caution, has alerted the Ministry of Health and the County Medical Officers of Health (CMOH), especially in the Victoria County, of the reports, so that increased surveillance and preventative measures can be implemented given the fact that there is no definitive cause of the fish kill at this time.

The EMA will continue to provide updates to the media and public on this matter in subsequent media releases."

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