EMA & IMA: Dead fish in Gulf were discarded by fishermen

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 14:45

The Environmental Management Authority and the Institute of Marine Affairs say their latest tests validate initial findings that the dead fish in the Gulf of Paria were unwanted fish discarded by fishermen.

The EMA and IMA have issued the following joint statement on the matter:

"Further to tests of water, sediment and fish samples taken in the Gulf of Paria (La Brea to Otaheite) which revealed that no compounds matching COREXIT were found in the samples, and further to pathology tests on fish samples which showed that “all body systems examined appeared grossly normal” with “no gross lesions” on the fish carcasses, the following provides an update on the final tests conducted on fish samples.

Further results from the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for internal parasites were negative. The tests results further validate the preliminary investigation findings as one of by-catch, spoilt or unwanted catch by fishing vessels operating in the Gulf of Paria."

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