Ensure all primary school children with asthma get flu vaccine—Dr Rai Ragbir

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 12:30

Medical doctor, Dr Rai Ragbir, is calling on the Ministers of Education and Health to work in together, to ensure primary school students—especially those suffering with asthma—get the flu vaccine.

Speaking with Guardian Media on Tuesday at his Chaguanas offices, Dr Ragbir said over 35 reported cases of death because of the virus has many worried, yet the Ministry of Health was moving in an archaic manner to ensure nationals are vaccinated.

Dr Ragbir said members of the public are inoculated sometimes once or twice a week and there are long lines and bureaucracy at the health centres. He said because of this, many parents are not taking their children to get vaccinated. He said private doctors also have run out of the vaccines.

He called on the Ministry of Health to instead reach out to the various primary schools and work in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, to ensure nurses get into schools and administer the vaccines once parents give their consent.

Dr Ragbir said appealing to the parents to take their children to the health centres may not be enough, since many are single parents who have to work and may not get time off. He also points out that some parents may not see the importance of the vaccines because of misunderstanding.