Enterprise squatters get certificates of comfort

Under the stewardship of Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Edmund Dillon, the Land Settlement Agency has distributed 37 Certificates of Comfort to families in Crown Trace, Enterprise, Chaguanas.

A Certificate of Comfort issued by the Land Settlement Agency, is the first stage in the regularization of tenure process.

Only squatters who were occupying state land prior to January 1, 1998 could have made an application for a COC on or before October 27, 2000.

It gives the recipient an assurance that he or she will not be removed from the plot on which his/her dwelling stands, unless it is deemed necessary for him/her to be relocated and an alternative plot is identified and made available.

This is in keeping with the Ministry’s mandate to facilitate security of tenure to the most vulnerable within the society.

In the delivery of the feature address, Minister Dillon congratulated recipients and acknowledged that the decision to award these instruments of title underscores this government’s commitment to providing affordable housing solutions to the most vulnerable within the society. 

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