Enterprise youth seeks help to attend Canadian university

A 20-year-old man from Enterprise in Chaguanas, Ronaldo Lawrence Jr Del Young has been accepted to the University of Waterloo in Canada but is currently trying to raise over TT$250,000 to make his dream happen.

Del Young who also needs an entrance scholarship fee of CAD$2,000 was forced to defer the acceptance to this year because of financial constraints. 

The Letter of Acceptance is dated March 7, 2019 and it expires on September 17, 2019 meaning it will be null and void. 

Del Young said he already deferred for one year having first gotten the initial acceptance letter on May 4, 2018.

He intends to pursue Science and Aviation studies as he has dreams of becoming a pilot. 

"I dreamt of being a pilot since the age of two and I refuse to let finances get in the way of that.

The programme is undergraduate, four-year, full-time.

The estimated tuition fee for the first academic year is CAD$26,800 - $40,300 which includes tuition and incidental fees, which is the current fee range and is subject to change. 

According to the University's Budget calculator, the overall cost for the first year is CAD$48,607.

Acting by faith in getting the money, Del Young already booked his residency spot at CAD$500.

Today (Tuesday) he will be going for his Aviation Medical Certificate which is needed to show that he is fit to fly.

Resorting to go find me.com to raise the funds, Del Young, who is the only child for his mother, in his plea for help said he comes from a single parent household where his mother "has tried her best to take care of me with her minimum wage pizza job."

"She is doing all that she can to give me the opportunity to study at this prestigious university but selling her land combined with the little savings she has can only cover one year of tuition. I don't know yet how the remaining years would be funded but I faith, a lot of faith, " he added.

He graduated from St Mary's College in June 2018.

In January he was able to get a job at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope as a Sterile Processing Attendant.

"Working there will be my contribution towards helping pay my tuition because I did not want to sit idly by and do nothing so I sent out numerous resumes...I'm hoping that this all works out for me soon," Del Young said.

"My mum is a woman of faith and I don't know how she managed to send me to school. I never went a year without my school books," he added.

Growing up in a hot spot community known for crime including murders and shootings, Del Young said because of strict moral and family values he grew up strict and level-headed.

"I was determined not to get involved in that way of life because of my strong upbringing and Godly influence. I was willingly to be a success and work towards that and achieving greatness and being able to set an example to the youths around even my little cousins because they look up to me."

"Please help me achieve this dream by giving a donation...Donations of any amount would make a big difference. 

Thank you in advance and may blessings follow you with this gesture," Del Young said.

Donations can also go directly to his First Citizens Bank account # 2430505. 

He can also be contacted at 269-6706.

- Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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