Entertainment: Barbados-born Rihanna named world's richest female musician

Barbadian-born Rihanna has been named by Forbes magazine as the wealthiest female musician in the world.

Rihanna, 31, has amassed a US$600 million fortune after launching wildly popular businesses in makeup and lingerie, according to Forbes.

The singer's Fenty Beauty makeup line launched in 2017 at Sephora and reportedly made US$100 million in sales in its first few weeks, in part due to its focus on diversity.

She is also behind the Fenty Savage lingerie line and is expected to be the first woman to create an original brand at LVMH, the French luxury fashion house.

The Barbadian singer would be the first woman of colour to head up a line with the company, which owns the famous Louis Vuitton brand.

Rihanna isn't the first artist making history by going beyond the studio.

Jay-Z was recently named the first hip-hop artist to amass a billion-dollar fortune, according to Forbes.

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