Escaped prisoner recaptured

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 09:15

A prisoner who escaped from the Sangre Grande Police Station on Tuesday, has been recaptured.

Thriston Moses was found early Thursday sleeping in the bushes, a 12-minute drive from the station.

At around 1 am officers of the Sangre Grande CID were on a police exercise on Guaico Tamana Road when they searched the surrounding bushes.

Police said the suspect was found sleeping in a makeshift camp.

Moses was arrested and taken to the same police station from which he escaped.

He is expected to be charged with escaping lawful custody, assault of a police officer and other offences.

The suspect allegedly pushed down an officer and fled the station at around 1.30 pm Monday. 

The suspect, whose hands were said to have been in handcuffs, eluded police officers who chased after him.