Exodus sends pre-action protocol letter to Pan Trinbago president

Pan Trinbago’s president Beverley Ramsey-Moore has been issued a pre-action protocol letter for unfair and unjust decision not to allow Exodus steelband to change their tune of choice for Panorama finals 2019.

The letter stated that the steelband’s captain filled out a Panorama 2019 questionnaire indicating the band, its region and category.

The song choice, however, was not yet indicated but listed as to be advised.

The song choice was later indicated to be “Rag Storm” composed by Austin “Superblue” Lyons on the Panorama 2019 questionnaire submitted on January 3rd.

Exodus performed the song at the preliminary round where it placed seventh in the large band category.

Exodus played the song again at the semi-final round placing ninth in the large band category.

However, on February 19th, Exodus gave notice in writing that it had decided to change its tune of choice to that of “Savannah Grass” sung by Kees Dieffenthaller.

Meanwhile, attorney Fareed Ali said he believes that Exodus “lies between a rock and a nail’s head Where the law does not provide for changing the song and Pan Trinbago has to decide."

He's of the view that Pan Trinbago "ought to provide reasons for barring Exodus from changing the song”.