Family in fear after arson attack

A Gas­par­il­lo fam­i­ly is now liv­ing in fear af­ter three ar­son­ists at­tempt­ed to fire-bomb their home last Sat­ur­day.

Around 2.30 am, the 43-year-old woman (whose iden­ti­ty has been with­held) was asleep with her fam­i­ly when they were awok­en by her neigh­bour's voice shout­ing “Fire! Fire! Look all yuh house on fire. Look it have a man in the yard there.”

She and her fam­i­ly sprang from their beds and saw one of the wood­en doors to the side of their home ablaze.

Her 26-year-old son ran to their near­by pool and tried to douse the flames. Luck­i­ly, the fire was tamed with most of the dam­age be­ing con­tained to the door.

“How you go sleep peace­ful­ly, you don't know the peo­ple might come back. We done don't know who it is,” she said.

Footage from the home's se­cu­ri­ty cam­eras shows three men with what ap­peared to be T-shirts wrapped around their faces mak­ing their way along the neigh­bour's wall, head­ing be­hind her home. They jumped the wall and made their way up the stairs and be­gan dous­ing the home with flam­ma­ble liq­uid.

At around 2.32 am they ig­nit­ed the fire be­fore leav­ing the way they came.

A source close to the fam­i­ly told Guardian Me­dia that they be­lieve they are be­ing tar­get­ed be­cause this was not the first in­ci­dent. On Feb­ru­ary 16, a bam­boo patch be­hind their home was set ablaze.

“We don't re­al­ly have any­thing with any­body. We just a nor­mal fam­i­ly. Go to work, come back home, go out, and come back home. We don't re­al­ly have much to do with the vil­lagers, just good morn­ing and good evening be­cause we does hard­ly be home,” the woman said.]

Of­fi­cers at­tached to Gas­par­il­lo po­lice sta­tion are cur­rent­ly con­duct­ing in­ves­ti­ga­tions.

Reporter: Rishard Khan

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