Family in fear after robbery

The three cutlass-wielding robbers who terrorized, chopped, bit and kicked a Penal family on Tuesday morning, remain at large. 

During an interview on Wednesday, father Navin Bissoon, 32, said he was disappointed that the Penal police took more than half an hour to respond to their distress call because they had no police vehicle. 

Bissoon, who fought with the robbers said he drew strength and courage after hearing that the men planned to kidnap Shania because he had no money.

"All I could think about was protecting her. They say if we did not give them money, they would have taken our daughter. One jumped on the bed to snatch her.

I did not have time to think. I justed acted. I jumped, snatched him and throw him on the ground. One raised the blade to attack me. My brother came in and we tried to wrestle the men," Bissoon recalled.

His wife Annisa Ramnarine, 28, suffered a chop to the face during the melee. She received 22 stitches to her right eye at the San Fernando General Hospital while her brother-in-law Nishan Bissoon, 30, was chopped on one foot. Bissoon's stepfather, pensioner Jairam Bedasie, 74, was bitten on the right hand.

Bissoon said he wanted Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to look into the matter and ensure that the Penal police has a vehicle to respond to crimes.

"I think the police needs a good overhaul. The station is not far away yet they took half an hour to respond," Bissoon lamented. He said since the incident he has not been able to sleep. 

"My wife is very depressed and crying. She got caught in the middle of the fight. She is in a lot of pain. We need help," Bissoon said.

Since the incident, Bissoon said he has been increasing security at his home by installing burglar proof.

Reporter: Radhica De Silva

He said his family was not wealthy yet they were targeted by robbers.

"We believe the robbers were not from the area. They are going to areas looking to see if they can find people whose homes are not 100 per cent secured.

We had several robberies here over the past few weeks. We want more patrols," Bissoon added.

On Tuesday around 2 am, the three robbers kicked open the family's front door and entered their bedroom.

They wore bandannas over their faces. The men demanded cash and gold jewellery. However, Bisson said they had no money at the house and the men threatened to take Shania.

That was when Bissoon retaliated and his brother jumped in.

The men ran out of the house and fled in a waiting car.

All they managed to steal was Bissoon's phone.

Contacted yesterday, Commissioner Griffith said he will investigate the matter personally once a report is made to him by the family.

He advised that his email is given to the family so that they could give him a report for further investigation.

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