Family launches charity fund in honour of slain son

Monday, August 1, 2016 - 12:30

"Determined to not let her son’s death be in vain, the mother of 22-year-old Isaiah Hospedales, who was brutally murdered in the wee hours of Saturday 23rd July 2016, has established a charity fund to assist families who have also lost loved ones to gun violence.

The Isaiah Hospedales AKA ‘Papi’ Charity Fund will provide counselling, financial and emotional support to families who have endured similar tragedy. 

Isaiah’s mother, Avis George-Hospedales, explained that the idea to embark on this initiative stemmed from a conversation she shared with her son a week prior to his demise.

In that resounding moment, Isaiah, a budding chef and lover of life, expressed a desire to do more to improve the lives of others.

“My son will not be another statistic. I won’t allow his life, though surreptitiously cut short, to be easily forgotten” stated George-Hospedales.

“Through the Isaiah Hospedales AKA ‘Papi’ Charity Fund we will endeavour to ease the burden in whichever way possible of families (particularly parents and siblings) whose lives have been drastically altered because of gun violence.

To provide relief to those who need it the most, we will partner with non-governmental and community-based organizations and other local bodies”, his mother added.

The family is currently in the process of registering the Charity and establishing a governance structure that would ensure the smooth and transparent operating of the fund.

The offering that was collected at Isaiah’s farewell service on July 29, 2016 will serve as the first deposit of funds to the Charity and will be graciously matched by the Hospedales family.

The family encourages those interested in donating to the Isaiah Hospedales AKA ‘Papi’ Charity Fund to contact Shaheeda Sylvester at [email protected] or 480-8296.

On Saturday 23rd July, 2016 at 5:15 a.m., 22-year-old TTHTI student Isaiah Hospedales became murder victim number 253 after he was shot and killed on Ariapita Avenue." 

This article was written and submitted to the media by Shaheeda Sylvester.