Family of murdered Curepe gyro vendor pleads for justice

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 16:30

Struggling to hold back the tears as she searched her mind for a reason as to why her brother had been gunned down on the weekend, the sister of Justin Jeetam is demanding justice from the State.

And to the lone gunman who pumped three bullets into the 27-year-old On-The-Job Trainee (OJT) around 5.30 am on November 10 at Sami’s Gyros, Curepe - Kim Jeetam begged, “Just tell us why please.”

Speaking from the family’s home at Boodoo Street, El Dorado earlier today, Kim said Justin along with his girlfriend Guytree Samaroo and three other friends had been returning from liming on the Avenue, Woodbrook when they stopped to purchase breakfast gyros.

Claiming this was customary for the group, Kim went on, “Some guy just walked up to him and told him…today, you have to die.”

The mother of one said, “He shot Justin three times but he didn’t fall with the first two shots.”

Kim said as Justin raised his hand in a defensive move, the third shot penetrated his left arm and entered his chest.

Justin collapsed on the pavement and although he was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope by Samaroo and the group - he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Jeetam celebrated his birthday on October 18 and was employed with MTS Credit Union, Aranguez for over five years.

Vehemently denying her brother had been engaged in any illegal/illicit activities and had had no altercations with anyone, Kim speculated that his death could have been a case of mistaken identity or as she put it, “The talk now is that there is a gang initiation going on and to prove yourself…whether it’s an innocent or guilty person, someone has to die.”

Admitting Justin was a “car guy” and had been a member of the local Nissan Y12 Club, she said he could always be found at their events.

Urging so-called friends and acquaintances to speak the truth and stop spewing lies which are hurting Justin’s family, Kim said he worked hard for everything he had.

She begged, “Please don’t drag his name through the mud. Everything he had, he worked for it, alone.”

Having recently sold his car to purchase a panel van so he could have started his second job on Monday, Kim said he was focused on building his home and setting aside money so he could have a big wedding.

Justin and Guytree would have celebrated their seventh anniversary on Monday.

Describing Justin - the last of three children and only son for their mother - as a helpful and loving person whose favorite foods included bread and potatoes, Kim said his favorite show was the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives which is hosted by Guy Fieri.

Kim cried, “I believe part of the devil is living or roaming Curepe…too much has been happening in recent times in that little strip.”

Although she is holding out hope that justice will be done in this case, Kim acknowledged that Justin’s killer may forever remain at large.

However, she wants the public to wake up and realize that times have changed and for persons to act accordingly.

Choking back the tears as she gazed at a picture of Justin, Kim said, “This feels like a dream, like it’s not real. It’s almost as if he will wake up and come home. He will always be in our minds and live in our hearts.”

Looking at her own son who will turn 14 on November 27, Kim said while she just wants to keep him locked up at home - she knows she cannot deprive him of the chance to live his life but she is scared about what evils are out there.

Jeetam’s funeral will take place tomorrow.

- Anna-Lisa Paul