Family: We're searching day and night for her

Monday, September 26, 2016 - 05:30

A suspended policeman and his female relative were among three people detained after police impounded a Nissan X-Trail at a house in Penal as the search continues for abducted hairdresser Ria Sookdeo.

Although police are awaiting the results of forensic and fingerprint tests to determine whether the vehicle was in fact the X-Trail used in her kidnapping, Sookdeo’s relatives are praying that the police would get the information they needed to find her.

Based on information received Anti-Kidnapping police went to the house shortly after 8 am located along Rochard Road, Penal, where they found the X-Trial at the back of the premises.

The suspended policeman, who was last attached to the Central Division, and his female relative who were at the house, were questioned by the police and detained.

The T&T Guardian was told that a third man was subsequently detained.

Police officers on the scene cautioned members of the media that the investigation was at a sensitive stage and they could not confirmed that the vehicle or anyone on the premises were linked to Sookdeo’s abduction.

However, as word spread about the incident rumours began that Sookdeo was found which led to scores of curious onlookers gathering at the scene and people stopping their cars to find out if she had really been found.

Among the people gathered were Sookdeo’s relatives who were praying that the police had made a breakthrough in the case.

Her cousin, Asha Dass said: “We looking day and night for her. The family splitting up and searching in places we never even went before. All three and four o’clock in the morning we all inside the forest looking. We went Cedros,Mayaro and Moruga forests already. Another relative said no one could sleep as they were so worried and scared.

Sookdeo, 34, of Raghoo Village, Debe, was snatched after she dropped off her two children, Elana, nine and Tores, five, at their school in Picton.

As she drove up to Picton Estate Drive, near the Jaya Shri Rama Ashram, to turn her red Nissan XTrail SUV around, a black X-Trail pulled up behind, blocking her path.

Two men, allegedly wearing tactical gear, forced her out the SUV and into theirs, and drove off. Police said the abductor's SUV had a false registration number.

Police have a sketch of a man, wearing a cap with police written, which they say is a person of interest. Relatives confirmed that sketch was shown to them by investigators.

Relatives are fearful that Sookdeo may have been a victim of human trafficking, especially since no ransom demand has been made.

Sookdeo’s husband Mark Sookdeo and her father Frankie Rajkumar continue to appeal to her abductors to release her.

Relatives who have been on the streets distributing and posting missing person flyers throughout the country continue to appeal to anyone who may help them find Sookdeo to come forward.

Anyone with information can contact Insp Don Gajadhar, Sgt Natasha Morrison or Cpl Barry Bacchus at the San Fernando CID at 652-2564 or Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS.

SOURCE: (Sascha Wilson)