Father delivers baby at home

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 06:00

In an unexpected twist of events, 33-year-old Kwame Regis was forced to deliver his own baby boy at home, a feat which has left him and his common-law wife, Doreen Roopa, calling newborn Ezekiel a “miracle baby.”

The drama unfolded between 5 and 6 pm last Wednesday in the couple’s Mary Street, Aranguez apartment, which they share with Roopa’s two-year-old daughter, Destiny, and her (Doreen’s) sister, Nalene, 24.

Roopa said she had gone through the full term of pregnancy and was about to give birth at any time. Her husband, a self-employed construction worker, went to work that morning at nearby Boundary Road and told her to call him if she felt ready to go to the hospital.

Regis said he had arranged with a partner to drop his wife to the nearby Mount Hope Women’s Hospital if her water bag burst. Roopa said her sister had also gone to work and she was home alone with Destiny.

“I had been getting some pain in the morning and around 5 pm it suddenly became severe. I called Kwame and he told me he was coming home. He came about 45 minutes after,” Roopa recalled.

Roopa said in the meantime, her two-year-old daughter comforted her.

“If I told her I wanted water she (Destiny) went in the refrigerator and got it for me. She rubbed my back. I begged God to please don’t let the baby come yet, to ease the pain and help me have an easy delivery,” she said.

Regis said when he came home Roopa told him she wanted to make the child right on the bed.

“I told her no, a car was coming for her. She said no, if she did that she would make the child in the car.”

Roopa said at minutes to six her water bag burst and she felt the baby coming out.

“I went down on the floor to hold on to the bed post to help me with the pain.”

She said her husband seemed to enter panic mode and she asked him to hold her hand.

Around then, Nalene also arrived home but said she could not look at the scene and made herself useful by looking after Destiny and calling for an ambulance.

By then the baby’s head started coming out and it was then that Regis took charge.

“I held his head while Doreen was bawling and grabbed his body as it slipped out. It slipped out fast,” he recalled.

“He came out crying. He was wet all over. It was all in his eyes. While he was still attached to his mother by the umbilical cord, I got a towel and wipe him out. I wrapped him up and put him on the bed in front his mother to prevent the umbilical cord from wrapping around his head.

“The paramedics told me that is what I should do until they arrived. When they came, they took over and cut the umbilical cord.”

The ambulance later took Roopa and the baby to the hospital where they were discharged after 24 hours.

“All the baby’s results came back normal,” a relieved Roopa said.

Resting comfortably at home yesterday, Roopa said, “It was a nice experience but scary because of the risks involved.

“But it was like God put everything in place. Ezekiel came out only after two pushes. I feel like he is a miracle baby.”

Roopa said Regis did his best in delivering Ezekiel.

Proud dad Regis said he was “kinda scared” during the delivery but described himself as “an all-rounder” who could handle anything he puts his mind to.

SOURCE: www.guardian.co.tt (Yvonne Baboolal)