Fire leaves La Brea family homeless

In the space of 30 min­utes, Kedisha Castil­lo and her fam­i­ly’s lives were turned up­side down af­ter a fire gut­ted their home in La Brea on Tuesday.

With noth­ing but the clothes on their backs, the fam­i­ly of four was try­ing their best to find a place to rest their heads for the night un­til they could fig­ure out their next move.

It was the sec­ond fire for the week that has left a fam­i­ly home­less and third in less than a month.

Castil­lo, who lives in Sobo Vil­lage with her com­mon-law hus­band Randy Ed­wards, their four-year-old son Keshorn and moth­er-in-law Maria Lawrence, said every­thing was lost.

She said she left Keshorn watch­ing tele­vi­sion in their bed­room around noon while she went to the bath­room. Her moth­er, Phyl­lis was vis­it­ing at the time and they were prepar­ing to go to Point Fortin.

“While I was bathing, my moth­er called out to me and said that my phone was ring­ing. While I was on the phone, I just felt this heat. When I spun around, I saw my moth­er-in-law’s room on fire. I told my moth­er ‘look the room on fire.’ All I could have done was grab my son and run. When I ran out, there were some fel­las out­side. We had a bar­rel of wa­ter and I said ‘Al­lyuh look the house on fire. I need some as­sis­tance to out the fire.’ By the time they reached, it had spread to the whole house,” Castil­lo said.

Im­por­tant doc­u­ments such as iden­ti­fi­ca­tion cards, her moth­er’s mon­ey, court doc­u­ments, death cer­tifi­cate and a will from her hus­band’s re­cent death along with all fur­ni­ture, ap­pli­ances, cloth­ing and their Maz­da 323 car were all de­stroyed.

Castil­lo said all Ker­shorn’s school uni­forms, books and toys were de­stroyed.

All that re­mained was the pil­lars of the house.

Ed­wards was at work in Fyz­abad when the fire broke out while his moth­er had just walked over to the mi­ni-mart.

Point Fortin fire­fight­ers re­spond­ed and ex­tin­guished the blaze. The ori­gin of the fire has not yet been de­ter­mined. Re­build­ing is hard for the fam­i­ly as Ed­wards is the lone bread­win­ner.

Castil­lo said her fam­i­ly’s im­me­di­ate need was some­where to rest their heads as the on­ly refuge they have found so far was not suit­able for her son.

- Kevon Felmine

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