Former Housing Minister questions inaction within 'Land for the Landless' programme

Monday, August 1, 2016 - 12:15

Former Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal is questioning why there has been no action within the Land for the Landless programme since the current Government took office.

Dr Moonilal issued says in a media statement, that the nation deserves an update in this program and what success if any.

The following is the statement from Dr Roodal Moonilal.

"The incompetence of this Keith Rowley administration is now being highlighted by the complete collapse of housing delivery to the citizens of our country. 

With only one month to go before its first anniversary in office the Government must clearly state whether it has scrapped the innovative Land for the Landless initiative, through which residential lots were to be provided to thousands of deserving citizens throughout Trinidad and Tobago. 

Several applicants have revealed that they were turned back by the Land Settlement Agency and told that the project no longer exists. 

The programme was conceptualised to further assist in easing the huge backlog for homes and residential land. The Land for the Landless initiative complemented the largest construction and delivery of homes in Trinidad and Tobago’s history, including the delivery of over 100 homes a week for several months in 2015.

This unfocused and policy starved PNM government does not even have the basic common sense to continue programs that were not only working, but would also create the illusion that the were doing something to help the citizens of the country.

A total of 45,000 people applied and paid the relevant fees in order to benefit from the Land for the Landless initiative. Now, without explanation and justification, the Government has so far failed to implement the essential project and by extension, is also failing the people.

The nation deserves an update in this program and what success if any has the government achieved in attracting private sector collaboration in land development and home construction, or is this to just another display of an all talk and no delivery administration.

I call for the restoration of the programme in order to assist the thousands of qualified and deserving applicants.

 The inactions of the government only compounds the feeling that the entire administration is in fact a lazy government that can only deliver excuses to the thousands of deserving citizens who feel betrayed when they are treated with contempt by Ministers, when they are approaches for houses and lots of land."