Former UNC National Security Minister slams Opposition for "petty politics" on Bail Bill

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - 13:00

Former UNC National Security, Gary Griffith says the UNC is playing "petty politics" with national security, that only has the effect of allowing criminals held with guns, to repeat crimes.

Griffith issued a statement on the matter, after the Bail Bill, which had a sunset clause, expired without renewal, for lack of Opposition support.

The following is Griffith's statement.

"It is indeed unfortunate that yet again, petty politics have been played, and prevailed over National Security, as it relates to the termination of the Bail Amendment Bill and Anti-Gang Legislation

It was the same Opposition, when in Government who fully understood the critical need for these pieces of Legislation, as the vast majority of homicides at the time were conducted by persons, including gang members, using illegal firearms. Without this Bill, it meant that anytime, anyone apprehended with a firearm, can be released on bail to then go out there and probably assassinate the same person who was the informant that caused their arrest in the first place.

The red herring about this Bill affecting the Constitutional rights of persons, can be used for almost any Law in National Security , with the end result being that the criminals yet again are being protected at the expense of the rights of law abiding citizens .

When those who speak about Constitutional rights being infringed, I ask them to look at the ultimate Constitutional right of any citizen being infringed upon, which is the right to life, as innocent persons are being killed by cold blooded criminal elements, knowing fully well that they can walk around with a weapon and if arrested, they can be released in 24 hours, by the removal of such a Bill.

It is obvious that those who are against this Bill have never lost a loved one by someone who was apprehended with a weapon, then released and returned to the streets to kill someone.

We speak about our low detection rate, but it is primarily because citizens are fearful to come forward with evidence, knowing that those who they accuse can be out in the streets within hours after they pinpoint them. Because of this Bill, it ensures the felon is incarcerated for 120 days, allowing victims to come forward, knowing that the individual is behind bars and hence less chance of reprisal.

To hit home how dangerous it is to throw away this bill, all I ask is to consider what happened recently in Orlando, when one individual with a high powered semi-automatic rifle was able to kill almost 50 persons in seconds. The same can be done here if a criminal has a similar weapon, which is now in their hands in this country.

Would any law abiding citizen be able to sleep well knowing that they contributed to cancelling a Bill, upon which a similar individual could be held with an AK 47, Uzi or Galil semi-automatic rifle, and the very next day he is released on Bail and then uses a similar weapon to do similar damage anywhere in our country?

By removing this Bill, we have now virtually given criminal elements a “ get out of jail” card, upon which , the rate of homicide may increase even more than it is now

It is indeed high time we starting caring about the rights of our law abiding citizens and not the rights of criminals."