Frustration for 53 families after Marcia’s fiasco

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 11:30

When is Dad­dy com­ing home?

De­vieann Fran­cois, Meli­na Charles and Sybil Is­rael say they have been un­able to an­swer this ques­tion for the last nine years. They are rel­a­tives of a group of men, now known as the Mar­cia 53, whose part­ly heard cas­es were be­fore for­mer Chief Mag­is­trate Mar­cia Ay­ers-Cae­sar and now have to be restart­ed. The men have spent close to a decade in Re­mand Yard.

Fran­cois, whose hus­band is among the ac­cused, said: “He’s been very mis­er­able and it’s stress­ful. He doesn’t know where the case is present­ly.”

In an in­ter­view on CNC3’s The Morn­ing Brew yes­ter­day, Fran­cois said her hus­band had reached to point where he ex­pressed sui­ci­dal thoughts. She said the ex­pe­ri­ence has al­so been try­ing for the fam­i­ly.

She said her son has on­ly ever met his fa­ther through prison vis­its.

“Every time I go to court he is ex­pect­ing that his fa­ther (will) be back,” she said.

Meli­na Charles said her grand­daugh­ter, who was three when her fa­ther was charged with mur­der, is now a pre-teen and vis­i­bly shows her frus­tra­tion that her fa­ther is not free.

“She is frus­trat­ed and she keeps ask­ing who lie on my fa­ther,” she said

Charles, ex­press­ing her own frus­tra­tion that the process has gone this dis­tance, added: “They told me in the first nine months he should be out. This is nine years.”

Charles and Fran­cois said that Ay­ers-Cae­sar reg­u­lar­ly got frus­trat­ed when pros­e­cu­tors failed to find wit­ness­es for the case and had at­tempt­ed to ex­pe­dite the cas­es be­fore her ap­point­ment as a High Court jus­tice.

“Each time she kept re­quest­ing of the pros­e­cu­tor to do some­thing be­cause she want­ed to bring these cas­es to an end,” said Charles.

She ap­pealed to any­one in au­thor­i­ty to make an in­ter­ven­tion.

“It is re­al­ly hard for some­one to go through this be­cause of no fault of their own to be lan­guish­ing in prison. No moth­er wants to hear their child say he’s about to give up,” she said.

Sybil Is­rael said over the last nine years she has main­ly been work­ing to pay her son’s lawyer and there is no end in sight.

“(At the start) The lawyer charge us about $15,000 and he says the mat­ter will fin­ish in a cer­tain time and as it goes along he ask me for more. Right now I’m ow­ing the lawyer,” she said.

- by Peter Christopher