Galleons Passage on track to arrive Monday

The National Infrastructure Development Company (Nidco) says the Galleons Passage is on track to arrive in the country on Monday, one week from today.

Responding to questions from the T&T Guardian yesterday Nidco officials insisted that the vessel is scheduled to depart Cuba “according to schedule, to meet its arrival date.”

However, there was no response to queries on whether the installation of the canopy had been completed.

Last week, Nidco said the fabrication of the frame for the forward canopy had been completed and the installation was in the final stage in Cuba.

Nidco also said that the new works will be inspected by Lloyd’s Register before the vessel departs for Trinidad.

Lloyds officials, contacted by the T&T Guardian, declined comment on whether the vessel was inspected by Lloyds.

Checks with weather and marine officials indicate that there is no good reason as far as the weather is concerned for the vessel to sale from Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago without problems.

Nidco confirmed that the vessel is on track “all good weather permitting.”

Meteorologists at the Met office told the Guardian that the tail end of Beryl was making its way out and there were no other weather systems in the region at this time.

Nidco said the last leg of the vessel’s journey to Trinidad will also be piloted by International Maritime Services (IMS).

As of yesterday the vessel was still in Cuba. The journey from Cuba to the Port of Port-of-Spain is 1,367 nautical miles. Travelling at 10 knots per hour that journey is estimated at between five to six days.

Source: (Rosemarie Sant)

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