Garcia: No reports of sexual misconduct at Siparia West brought to me

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 13:00

Education Minister Anthony Garcia says there is no evidence to prove that a teacher of Siparia West Secondary school impregnated a teenaged student, adding the matter is being investigated by the police.

Garcia was speaking to reporters following a visit at the school at La Brea Trace, Siparia.

In an interview, Garcia admitted that existing school discipline protocols had lapsed, adding that he was extremely disappointed that incidents of violence had not been reported to the ministry by school officials.

Guardian Media broke the story exclusively about the level of discipline and violence at the school on Monday.

Garcia also revealed that middle management should be more involved in disciplinary procedures.

He explained that the ministry was investigating allegations of sexual activity in the school, noting that these were simply allegations.

Told that parents were interviewed and admitted to being called in by the principal because their children were having sex in school, Garcia said, "If there is sexual misconduct in school, this has not been brought to my attention."

He added, "The principal can suspend a student of up to seven days but if he feels this is not enough based on the severity of the allegation, only the ministry can extend the duration of suspension."

Garcia said no reports were ever submitted to him about these matters. 

 - Radhica De Silva