GARCIA: Tobago father’s actions must be condemned

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 10:45

Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, has condemned the actions of a Tobago father who joined in a fight among school children from Roxborough Secondary School, to protect his daughter from harm.

Minister Garcia was commenting on the recent video which went viral in social media, and assures that the matter is being investigated by the THA Chief Secretary, Kelvin Charles, who has responsibility for education matters in Tobago.

He points out that the education ministry has implemented discipline plans in schools, which thus far, appear to have successfully reduced incidents of school violence.

With regard to the incident in the video, the minister told us that while he understands the father's concern for his child, his actions must be frowned upon.

“I don’t like the idea of parents intervening in that way. That is something that has to be condemned,” he says. “If there is a problem, the parent has the right—and also has the facility—to go to the school and speak with the principal, and see how best that matter can be resolved.”

The education minister is encouraging parents to get involved in their children’s school via parent teacher associations or parent support groups.

He says it is important that parents, teachers and school administrators, all have a solid working relationship, to ensure a safe environment for the nation’s children.

And with respect to viral images on social media of a student with a slash in the back of his head, Anthony Garcia says he intends get to the truth behind them.

Describing the images as disturbing, the minister says he heard the wound was self-inflicted, but gave assurances that he will be probing the matter.



Story by NEWS DESK