Garlin knew about Canadian politician using Differentology

Soca Artist Ian 'Bunji Garlin' Alvarez believes his Differentology (Ready Fi Di Road) song being used on Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh's Campaign trail is a good thing and thinks it can positively change people's lives. 

"I guess is the message in the song they hold on to," Alvarez said. 

The Soca Artist confirmed that he knew that the New Democratic Party was using his 2013 hit and all permissions were approved. However, he said Singh is not the only politician to do so. 

"He's been using this song from his very first campaign," Alvarez said.

"They liked the song and reached out to Fay and I," Alvarez said.

Jagmeet Singh travelled to Trinidad and Tobago with his brother within the last year however Alvarez told CNC3 that he doesn't know where the politician heard his song but wasn't surprised as Soca Music according to Alvarez is making waves globally. 

"Soca is a very big thing all over the world right now," He said.

Alvarez said when he wrote the song, he did so with the intention of it reaching far but didn't expect for it to break the records it did. 

"We wrote the song in an open concept where it could touch into any category it fits in," Alvarez said. 

"I guess we didn't expect it to spread like a wildfire like that," Alvarez said. 

The soca superstar said seeing soca music being recognised worldwide shows that the work of himself and other soca artists is not in vain. 

"Our work is actually turning to something fruitful in the end,"He said.

In 2013 Differentology won a Soul Train Award for Best International Performance.

CNC3 emailed Jagmeet Singh to ask him where he heard the song, we await his response. 

Reporter: Carisa Lee

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