Gas truck overturns in Pt Fortin

Disaster was averted when a ten wheeler truck transporting 525 cylinders of liquid petroleum gas (LPG ) careened off the Southern Main Road in Point Fortin, on Wednesday. 

The driver  Raymond Ojagir, 34, of Arouca, escaped unscathed but the lorryman Christopher Bailey, suffered minor injuries to his hands.

Ojagir, an employee of North Plant LGP, said he was driving towards Point Fortin when he got a bad drive from an oncoming motorist around 10:30 am. 

"I tried to keep the truck on the road but I couldn't and it landed in the ditch. I am lucky to be alive," Ojagir said.

Several of the tanks landed in the ditch.

Ojagir managed to crawl out of the truck and seek help.

The sales manager of North Plant LPG Sinanan Singh said he was thankful that his employees were not seriously hurt.

He said all the cylinders will be inspected before being dispatched to suppliers for sale.

- by Radhica De Silva