Gasparillo man in police custody for impersonating a police officer during robbery

A Gasparillo man, 24, is currently detained at the Rio Claro Police Station accused of impersonating a police officer whilst committing a robbery in the Rio Claro district yesterday.

According to police reports around 9:30 am on Monday 28th May 2018, three armed men, dressed in what appeared to be police uniform, entered a feed depot along San Pedro Road, Rio Claro and announced a robbery. 

The 43-year-old proprietor was robbed of TT$1900 and a cell phone. 

During the robbery, his brother entered the establishment and was tied up and also robbed of TT$900.

The men then disconnected the CCTV camera system before making their escape in a black Hyundai Tucson motor vehicle. 

One of the suspects was held shortly after in the Rio Claro district and is currently assisting police with the investigation. 

PC Rakesh Abraham, of the Rio Claro Criminal Investigations Department, is continuing enquiries. 

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