Golconda man detained for assaulting police officers

A Golconda man is detained; and another is due to be arrested, in connection with the assault of two police officers, in the Golconda district over the weekend. 

According to police reports the two officers attached to the Ste. Madeleine Police Station responded to a report of threats being made by a man against another person, along Church Street, Golconda, around 7:15 am, on Saturday 2nd June 2018. 

While attempting to arrest the suspect, who was joined by another man, both officers were assaulted and had to seek medical attention at the Princes Town Health Facility.

One of the suspects, a 22-year-old of Golconda, was subsequently arrested by officers around 10:00 pm on the same day while liming along Church Street. 

Members of the public are advised that according to Section 59 of the Police Service Act 2006- “A person who assaults, obstructs, or resists a police officer in the execution of his duty, or aids or incites another person so to assault, obstruct, or resist a police officer or a person assisting the police officer in the execution of his duty, is liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten thousand dollars and to imprisonment for two years.

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