Gov't opens bridge linking Covigne and Spaniol Roads in Diego Martin

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 12:15

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has officially opened a new bridge that links Covigne and Spaniol Roads in Diego Martin.

Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Diego Martin West Dr Keith Rowley hailed the new bridge as value for money because he said it went out for competitive bids.

“As we improve things one by one, we improve the community. I know many residents who are happy to have this bridge. It may look like a small project, but in this current situation for the country, a project at this cost is not a small project.”

He further expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government for their efficient work to bring this project to fruition.

Minister Kazim Hosein described the project as a key indicator of the push for connectivity through infrastructure in rural communities saying, “This bridge has created a new access point, so that service delivery to these residents, like garbage collection, can be more efficient. This is what reforming local government and promoting rural development is about. We want to continuously improve service delivery, and access to services for every citizen, regardless of if you live in a rural or an urban area.”

The bridge was completed by NV Marketing at a contract sum of $859,758.64, which came as the lowest bid of five contractors.