Grandmother killed during home invasion

A Moruga grandmother who tried to prevent intruders from entering her home was shot dead this morning.

Merle Subero, 65, died almost instantly at her Cachipe Village home, but that did not stop the gunmen from still robbing her family.

Subero lived with her daughter Michelle Singh and grandsons Ryan Singh, 30, and Michael Singh, 23, who is mentally challenged.

The front entrance of their home was secured only by a piece of plywood as their home is under construction. 

A police report said around 4.15 Subero was awakened by her dogs barking.

She alerted her family members.

They saw three men armed with guns trying to enter their home.

While trying to prevent them from gaining access to their home, Subero was shot on the left jaw.

They demanded the family's valuables.

Fearful that they would be killed, Ryan handed over $5,000.

Officers of homicide bureau 111, southern division task force and Moruga police are investigating.

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