Griffith corrected the police in Le Hunte matter

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says most of what has been circulating in the media with reference to Minister of Public Utilities, Robert Le Hunte, is false.

In a statement issued by the Police Service today, Commissioner Griffith advised that he did receive a call from Minister Le Hunte following an interaction with the officers assigned to the Traffic Branch, where Griffith was advised of on-going road works by the Ministry of Public Utilities in the vicinity of the Hyatt Regency and that the placement of barriers in said vicinity were insufficient to adequately block the movement of access into the work area.

The statement said that Minister Le Hunte further stated that there was no signage advising motorists not to enter the area, requesting for this to be remedied so as to not have other motorists incur a similar experience of turning into a widened gap.

It noted that during this interaction, the Minister further advised that one of the assigned officers had provided an incorrect identification number.

Commissioner Griffith, who was in the vicinity of the works, visited the location after Minister Le Hunte had already left the location and advised the officers of the need to restructure the gap so as to limit any further motorists from entering the closed-off workspace.

The statement said that officers were also reminded that they were in service of all, and the provision of correct identification to members of the public are to be adhered to.

The police statement goes on to say that officers on the scene understood and agreed with the instructions.

It said that at no time was there any issue with regard to Minister Le Hunte being on his mobile phone whilst driving, nor of charges being laid by the officers on duty.

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