Griffith insists TTPS correct on lack of funding

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is saying the head of finance from the TTPS is 100 percent accurate.

The TTPS has not received any money for the fiscal year 2018 to 2019 from the Ministry of Finance.

The commissioner says the TTPS does not require any finance guidance or training on how to manage its accounts since individuals working in the finance and administration sections have decades of experience and qualifications.

He adds the head of finance told no lies about the financial state of the TTPS.

The commissioner acknowledges that the police service has received $1 billion from the Finance Ministry, but he says 85 percent of that was used to pay wages and salaries.

He is advising the Ministry of Finance not to confuse the wage bill from money needed to pay for other items. 

Commissioner Griffith maintains the police service has been using the little money received to pay off debts dating back to 2017.  

He says as top cop he has had to ensure the TTPS did not shut down and that creditors can still assist in proving the necessary goods and services to help keep the service afloat. 

He says he is hopeful money for this year would be released eventually.

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