Griffith: New uniforms will have room for tasers, pepper spray

The long-awaited newly designed police uniforms will be introduced to the Police Service within the next few weeks.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says the uniforms will have a specially-designed belt which can accommodate handcuffs, batons, tasers, and pepper spray. 

Speaking at a community meeting held at the Mayaro, Rio Claro constituency office this morning, Griffith said the new uniforms were part of the transformation of the Police Service.

Griffith also said his plans to set up a special unit to monitor the activities around the nation's schools.

He says another unit, similar to the disbanded Police Marine Unit will also be established to patrol the coastal areas of the country.

However, he says the choppiness of the Atlantic Ocean presented special difficulties with coastal patrols and acquisition of suitable vessels may not be feasible since the Coast Guard already had these as part of its fleet.

Griffith also said he was trying to change the concept of arrogance which some police officers continue to display to the public, has to be eradicated.

He encourages the public to report these officers so that they could get a gentle reminder of proper customer service.

In August last year the Police Association had commended the police on the new uniforms that were to be made available to officers, saying they were more suited for the climate and were harder for bandits to copy.

Photo Caption: Photos released last year of proposed new police uniforms. It's not yet clear if there have been changes to the designs since then.


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