Griffith suggests bullet that killed Naomi Nelson came from gang member

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is suggesting that the bullet that killed 14-year-old Naomi Nelson, came from the gun of one of the alleged gang members.

Nelson was caught in the crossfire of a shootout between police and residents of Big Yard on Friday evening.

Speaking at a police news conference on Wednesday, Griffith used a visual graphic to show the position of the police officers, the gang members and the teenage girl.

It showed that the police vehicle was between the gang members and the girl.

Griffith suggested that as the gang members were shooting at the police, the girl, who was located behind the police, was hit.

He is asking the public to decide on those "facts".

"The police were in-between the police and the young lady. Ladies and gentlemen, at times we must get the facts first before perception become reality," he said.

He is also insisting that the police did not fire first on the gang members.

Griffith said that the police officer was wearing a bullet-proof vest while the gang members were not.

He said that if the police had shot first, the gang members would not have had the opportunity to fire back.

"We did not draw first blood," he said.

He added: "Let the public decide who fired first. The fact is that a police officer was shot at in the line of duty. That means an illegal firearm was used and we're all trying to demonise the police officer."

Griffith has vowed to swarm crime hotspots with police officers to counter a belief held by gang members, that they control the communities.

"It has become the norm that gang members believe that a certain turf belong to them. When an unmarked vehicle enters they are actually firing shots at the vehicles," he said.

He said that just a few days ago, a female officer went into an area and notorious gang members who were unaware of the vehicle, started firing shots at her.

An autopsy conducted on Tuesday revealed that Nelson as shot once in the head from behind.

Two other residents were killed in the altercation.

- by Sampson Nanton



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