Griffith undergoes medical checks after complaining of stomach pains

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is now resting comfortably at the official commissioner’s residence in St James after he was taken to the St Clair Medical Centre yesterday after complaining of feeling unwell.

Griffith’s wife, Nicole Dyer-Griffith in a brief telephone interview with Guardian Media Limited confirmed that he was seen by doctors at the institution.

“He is much better today. Yesterday we took him into St Clair he was experiencing some pretty severe abdominal cramps so he spent most of the day there, he had to be rehydrated. He was very dehydrated.

He had some IV therapy and he had some routine tests undertaken after a few hours they said it was ok for him to go home and come back later today,” explained Dyer-Griffith.

Commissioner Griffith has been on the job since August 17 last year, and Guardian Media inquired whether he had been working too hard and too many long hours. 

His wife replied, “Amongst other things but you know that is not going to change anytime soon that is just written into his DNA and that is the only we way both know.”

Dyer-Griffith said it was a matter of putting things in place and ensuring that the basics are followed up and that “you eat on time and get some rest at some point in time but as I said his drive and push is not going to change.”

- by Mark Bassant


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